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No. We will always be upfront with our services. When we say we remove complaints we mean that we either delete them from existence, or we de-index them. If we will instead suppress the complaint, we will let you know this as well.

De-index means that the complaints will no longer show up on the search engines. Not on page 1, not on page 41. Even if you were to copy and paste the link of the complaint into a search engine, it would still not show up anywhere. It is completely removed and no one could ever find it unless they went to the website directly to search for you (which is very unlikely).

Our first goal is to outright delete the complaint from existence on the website, but if we can’t do that, our next move is to de-index them.

We have removed content from many of the largest complaint review sites, and many smaller blogs. Enquire above to see what we can do for you.

They’re wrong. Most reputation companies focus on pushing down, rather than learning how to get content removed. We can and have removed content for many customers. All of our services are legal and “whitehat”.

We can’t guarantee that we can delete every single negative review on the internet. Our guarantee is that we delete or de-index your negative reviews, or you don’t pay us. Before signing an agreement, we’ll outline the cost and time frame to remove your negative reviews.

In some cases we have deleted complaints within 24 hours. Other, more difficult cases can take up to 6 months. We’ll give you a timeframe with your quote.

That depends on how many complaints you want to remove, what they say, and what websites the complaints are on. We’ve worked with clients for $500 and quoted as much as $10,000. Most solutions are in the $1,000-$10,000 range. For a free, no-obligation quote, contact one of our Reputation Consultants who will personally review your case.

Yes. In some cases we’ll offer monthly payments to pay our fees, even if we’ve deleted the complaints within the first month.

Not necessarily, we understand mistakes happen. Just because a business has 20 complaints, doesn’t mean they don’t have thousands of customers who love them. However, we have turned down clients in the past if we believe they are scamming people.

We have used lawyers to help remove complaints in some cases, but not usually. We’ll go over our plan of action when working together.

Our main service is focused on getting rid of the complaints you currently have but we also offer a Future Protection Plan to protect against future complaints. Our Future Protection Plan is like insurance. Companies pay us a monthly fee and we monitor and work towards removing negative content for free or a discounted rate.

If you have very few complaints, this service is likely unneeded. If you’re in a business with a likelihood of receiving unreasonable complaints, this service can save you time and money.

Yes, we have a package to better display positive reviews about your company. We provide strategies and the tools to obtain real, positive reviews from your clients, partners, or suppliers and put them to the top of the search engine. We will not post fake reviews for you.
Many prospects will go online to view your reputation before purchasing from you. By using our removal services, you take your reputation from a negative, to neutral or complaint free. By taking additional measures to increase and promote the number of positive reviews you’re turning your online reputation from a liability, to neutral, to a selling point.

We are from Sarasota, Florida. We’ve removed complaints for customers throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, UK, and India.

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