The majority of clients who come to us are trying to fight negative reviews and content. Even a single negative post can have a huge impact on the sales and reputation of your company. It can be helpful to remove the content, but another effective way to counteract negative content is to focus on Publicity, PR or Public Relations.

We use publicity techniques to help create a positive view of your company. Often, people have a tendency to believe negative reviews very quickly, particularly when the other side is not promoted. We make sure that great things are said about you in online and local media sources, thereby regaining control of the conversation. We guarantee our service, so you only have to pay once we have completed our work.

Having an “As seen in” logo on your website can have a tremendous positive impact. We also encourage you to put it in your email signature and marketing materials. Doing this will help to build – or rebuild – trust in your brand and company, allowing you to continue to grow.

Please contact us today to find out how our publicity services can help you restore your reputation to a positive one, and put your business back on track.

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