BeenVerified Removal Process: A Complete Guide

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BeenVerified removal can be a challenge. Learn how to protect your personal info with our guide to removal from this site. 

Data brokers are companies that are working and collecting personal information online and then sell the data to other third-party individuals or companies. These companies create people search websites to compile this data.

BeenVerified is a popular people search engine. Here we will learn more about data brokers, BeenVerified, and how to complete your opt-out of BeenVerified and eliminate your BeenVerified account for good.

What You Need to Know About Data Brokers

BeenVerified is one of the largest data brokers on the internet. Their people search engine additionally powers a big number of other data brokers’ sites which means that removing your information from BeenVerified will be a very important step if you are trying to protect your privacy and avoid identity theft on the internet.

This means that many people can find information about anyone, without prior consent, with just one click of a mouse. BeenVerified job is to scrape the internet in search of people’s public records and then compile them into their database.

The information that these data brokers are collecting can be extensive, some of the information that can be found on BeenVerified and other sites are:

  • Your age and date of birth.
  • Your education history.
  • Home address (current address and address history)
  • Home phone numbers, work phone numbers, and cell phone numbers.
  • Employment history.
  • Job title.
  • Relatives and associates.
  • Your email address.
  • Estimate your income.
  • Social Media profiles.
  • Outside interests.
  • Information about family members.
  • Court, tax, and criminal records.
  • Other personal details.

Many people search websites and every person who can work on a computer can find multiple records and access your private information for a small amount of money. If they can pay a little bit more, BeenVerified offers a premium subscription and will be able to provide even more details about people in their search engines.

Normally, many people don’t want their personal information and private information to be visible on the internet. If you are one of those people who want to keep their information more private then you should know that you can start an opt-out process, or removal requests, to get the same information taken down from their site.

In this article, we will give you information about the opt-out process from BeenVerified. This process will remove your records from the website making it much harder for people that want to know more information about you and your private life.

Another very important thing connected with your BeenVerified opt-out process is that once your information is removed from BeenVerified, it will be automatically removed from BeenVerified’s partner’s broker websites also.

This free guide will help you opt-out of BeenVerified without problems. But if you don’t have time, or maybe you are afraid that you do not have the technical skills to deal with it, you can always hire a service that will be able to remove your info from BeenVerified and several other sites that are working with people search websites services and data brokering.

Additional information about BeenVerified

In March 2009, BeenVerified was launched by Ross Cohen and Josh Levy starting on a high level with a special advertisement campaign on national television.

The primary idea of this website was to help people check their background information and to verify them. It was a great thing for job seekers because with this service they were able to check what employers are looking at online about them.

BeenVerified also has an iPhone application that is under a different name and it is called the Background Check App which enables people to make searches on their phones.

What is more important, this company later launched Intelius which was an application and data aggregator site specifically made for tracking sex offenders.

What is the job of BeenVerified?

The main job of BeenVerified is to scan different types of websites online similar to white pages, data aggregators, newspapers and articles, social media networks, blogs, and public records. After is taken, the necessary personal information is then compiled into an online directory which is then connected to your name (like an online profile or online footprint).

There is information leaked that says BeenVerified’s database has an enormous amount of data saved on their servers such as your current living address, your phone number, criminal records, previous addresses, and marriage certificates. This data is additionally collected with the help of a consumer reporting agency.

This company is offering two options when it comes to its membership. By purchasing the monthly membership users will be able to pull an unlimited amount of reports and order a copy of basic reporting.

The other option is a three-month membership and this report includes the date of birth, your age, residence, contact information, court record, criminal record, and a lot more.

BeenVerified really has great amount of information in its database and users are able to find more private information like job positions and titles, marriage and divorce records, estimated salaries and you can even get a death records.

Removing your Information from BeenVerified

This site does provide a system to remove your information from their people search database. For you to complete this BeenVerified opt-out process and to do it properly, you will need to fill out an opt-out form and submit an opt-out request to their company.

Once again we would like to mention that some companies offer their services and can help you opt-out from BeenVerified very easily. Those services will be able to remove your data not only from BeenVerified but from many other data aggregators and data brokering websites like Spokeo, Radaris, Intelius, MyLife, and Whitepages.

If you would like to remove that information from BeenVerified on your own, we have step-by-step instructions for you that will make your job very easy.

Step by step guide on how to opt-out of BeenVerified

By completing a BeenVerified opt-out form you will be able to delete your information. Once you are done with the opt-out process you will receive an email with the confirmation that you have completed the opt-out process and removed your account (data).

It will take up to 24h for the BeenVerified opt-out to process and delete your info from their website. You should know that the BeenVerified website is associated with other broker sites like PeopleLooker, or PeopleSmart, and by following the same steps you will be able to remove your information from these websites as well.


First, you will need to go to BeenVerified opt-out page ( and then navigate to BeenVerified’s home page. Once you are on the home page just scroll down at the bottom you will see a link with the name “Do Not Sell My Personal Information”, you need to click on that link in the footer to get to the BeenVerified opt-out request.

Put your personal info – Search for yourself

The process needs to start by searching for yourself. Because BeenVerified is not giving any data for free, with this action you will be able to check if there is any data about you. All you need to do is to enter your first name and last name and then you should select the state from the drop-down menu and press search.

Find yourself in search results

After you add your information, BeenVerified will search their sites to find a match or a bigger list of potential matches. This search listing is usually giving this information:

  • The Name
  • Age
  • States or cities where you currently live or you previously lived (address history)
  • Family Members’ names

In case you request a full listing out of that search you will get additional information about your education, date of birth, phone number, and addresses that are associated with your name.

On the results page, there are some options like filters that can help you sort out the results or give an advantage to certain results.

Please pay attention to some of their filters and indicators like family member names, your phone number, or others to set more specific data. Once you find your name in the list you should click on it to continue the BeenVerified opt-out process.

Add your email address to opt-out and receive a verification email

In continuation, to opt-out of BeenVerified, you’ll provide your email address and then you should check the verification reCAPTCHA to prove that you are not a robot. After that just choose to send the verification email to complete the opt-out.

Once you do these steps you will be automatically redirected to the page where it says “Your Request Has Been Received” and they will request you to check your email once you opt out. To complete your opt-out request, check the verification email that was sent to the address you added.

Wait for the final confirmation email of your BeenVerified opt-out request – Check your inbox and the spam folder

The next step for you will be to look for the verification e-mail that will arrive in your inbox. Always check your spam folder if you don’t receive the confirmation email in your inbox after some time.

After you receive the confirmation email you will need to press the green button that says “Verify Opt-out”. You will be redirected to another webpage that will confirm that you have successfully opt-out from BeenVerified.

Wait for BeenVerified to remove your info from their website

On the official website of BeenVerified, there is info that opt-out requests are usually processed within 24 hours. However, from some previous experiences, we can tell you that this process will only take a few minutes because BeenVerified usually removes people’s information minutes after they get your confirmation email.

Opt-Out Today and Stay Safe Out There

We hope that you will find our guide helpful and you will opt out of Beenverified easily.

As we previously mentioned, with the same approach you can remove info from other websites like PeopleSmart or PeopleLooker, which are associated with BeenVerified.

Need someone to help you get your information off these data broker sites? Contact us at EraseComplaints today!


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