What’s the Deal with CheaterReport.com?

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CheaterReport.com and other cheater websites expose unfaithful partners. Unfortunately, the lack of fact-checking on these sites can inadvertently harm innocent people. Learn how to protect your digital privacy and your online reputation with our guide to these cheater sites.

CheaterReport.com: Essential Information

Heartbroken individuals will sometimes go that extra mile and harm their cheating partner, and the best option now in these modern times is to expose them online. Firstly we witnessed lots of social media posts, tweets, and stories where we saw a bunch of revenge texts, then it was the Vine social network where the cheated side posted videos of their revenge acts.

But then something even more shocking came. Dedicated websites where cheaters were shown with images, videos, and even when caught in the act of cheating are shared there. Also, you will be able to find whole stories of particular individual cases and how everything developed in their relationship.

And that leads to the other side of the coin – the cheater side. Even though they did something that is not okay, a big percentage of the time these individuals do not want their data and story shared online. Besides ruining their prestige, they can be a laughing stock in their surroundings which can lead to new unwanted actions from their end.

So once they find themselves on such content websites that share their personal stories, all of them would want their data removed from there for the sole reason of clearing out their name. Let’s see more deeply what kind of cheater revealing websites are and in particular cheaterreport.com

What Are Cheaters Exposing Websites For?

The idea of publicly shaming people and companies just isn’t a brand new one by any means. Previous to the meteoric rise of user-generated content material platforms within the early 2000s, widespread ridicule and shaming have been extremely contained, vetted, and managed by centralized editorial boards and publications.

Think about receiving a telephone call out of the blue from your employer or family letting you know that they’ve stumbled upon a nasty, lewd, or defamatory submission alleging intimate details about your love life.

Or think about experiencing a big drop in business over the past months as a consequence of a handful of fake buyer comments on a web-based review website, accusing you of professional misconduct or sexual harassment.

As online defamation of character can have devastating effects on your status, company, and livelihood, being defamed on any website or platform is a trigger for concern.

Online shaming websites are common mediums for people or companies in search of to craft a one-sided narrative about an individual, product, or service.

From disgruntled clients seeking to drag a local business’s identity through the mud to aggrieved ex-spouses and lovers eager to air their former companion’s dirty laundry, all the way to business rivals in search of to make a dent in a competitor’s star ranking, public shaming websites are all over the place.

No matter whether you assume online shaming websites are a needed safeguard to warn others of unscrupulous and substandard conduct or a downright cesspool for libelous and hostile web aggression, they’re right here to linger.

What you are able to do to better fend for your or your corporation’s online status is acquaint yourself with the worst and most popular online shaming websites on the internet, with the intention to take immediate action and forestall substantial harm if you find yourself listed on one.

CheaterReport.com is one very famous website for such uses and it has a lot of visitors and posts daily. You truly do not wish to have your content found on this website because is it frequently visited and your story can get out really quick.

The content that is shared on the Cheater Report website varies from photos and videos to hurtful descriptions without any care for the damages that can be done to the person shamed. This can be really damaging and ruin your reputation, which can lead to losing friends, business, and many other valuable assets.

Since all the data that is shared there and content is really in-depth for the defamed person (including full name, address, phone numbers, and emails) these details and searches tend to rank high on Google and other search engines, making it really easy to pop up when your name is searched for a business matter.

Also, Cheater Report is highly optimized and the content that is posted there has a really high chance to rank for the maximum effort for the shamers to expose cheaters to the full extent. But can these details be removed from such websites and CheaterReport in particular? There are several options that you can try and we are going to explain them deeply below!

How can I remove my information from CheaterReport.com?

There are several approaches that you can go for in order to try and remove your data from CheaterReport.

  • Contact the person who posted the expose
  • Contact the webmaster and ask for their assistance
  • Use services that can help you with removing the data

The best option to take down defamatory content towards you from Cheater Report is to contact the one that posted it. It’s doable for the cheater report website customers who posted the piece of data to review, edit and remove the posts.

However, in many instances, the site proprietor doesn’t enable its customers to edit, review and delete the content because they might not identify the true consumer who submitted the publish on the cheater report.

Be it your videos, footage, PDFs, authorized paperwork, unfavorable reviews, slanders, misrepresentation, and faux information that had been posted on these websites, the creator might not be able to edit or delete that content.

This can be achieved if the person who posted the content agrees to remove it and you both contact the webmaster of Cheater Report and request editing or removal of that content. This might be hard to achieve, but if you do it, will be the easiest and simplest way to clear your name from this website. But there is always a catch!

At this stage, you might be extorted and ask for money or any emotional compensation for the whole debacle the cheated person went through. Here is how you can defend yourself in this case.

In the event you can identify them, you may sue them for posting defamatory content material. Often, this process requires some rigorous authorized procedure. Although straining, when you can successfully determine them, you’ll have the ability to sue them on the grounds of defamation.

The second point is to contact the webmaster of CheaterReport.com and proceed with them. That sounds fairly blunt. It’s not as simple as it seems and it’s more than meets the attention. The site has little to no control over content that clients publish on it in the first place. Doing otherwise would indicate an infringement of Section 230 of the CDA.

This means that any step that one needs to take needs to be effectively guided and observe the law’s provisions inside which the site falls. To contact Cheater Report to take down defamatory content, there must be a posting that violates the immunity of the site.

If the post has some type of unhealthy content material for public viewing, there could be grounds for contacting the webmaster for a takedown. Such contents embody nudes, pictures of kids, and comparable materials.

If somebody posts such materials, the affected individuals can approach the website to take it down. In a case like this, the admin is obligated to take down the inappropriate materials. This process is kind of easy and requires little authorized effort. If the website admins don’t take it down when requested to take action, you may get a court order to implement compliance.

One other point that you can use to ask the website for the successful removal of the content is copyrighted material. If a material legally belongs to you or your group is on the website without prior consent, you may order a takedown.

The CDA doesn’t solely cover such content material. If there happens to be any on the website, you may take them to a courtroom. Cheater Report is under an obligation to stick to such directives supplied they meet the necessities set by regulation.

The Cheater Report web additionally adheres to provisions of the DMCA. If the contents violate the DMCA code, you may apply for a takedown statement. In this case, you will be capable of presenting legitimate proof that the content material is not acceptable.

The above data shows you can ask webmasters to take down materials that contravene authorized provisions, although with little effort. At all times keep in mind that you’d need the help of an experienced legal professional to be successful if you decide to go with this approach.

The third and final approach to take down this data is to use services that can help you out with removing your personal details from Cheater Report. There are a plethora of websites with such offerings to help you out with getting the details out from this website.

This process most of the time guarantees success and this is the trademark for those reputation management services. This will be the least hard process for you since you only need to pay for their service, but the downside is the same – you need to pay them to do it instead of you.

We list this one as the final option, in case the primary two options are not the way you wanna go or didn’t give any particular results. Now, if you truly care for your status, no matter if it is online or in real life, this should not be an obstacle for you. For a certain amount of money, you can take care of this problem and clear your name – meaning you are on your way to rebuilding your reputation in no time!

How To Protect Yourself In Posted On CheaterReport.com

CheaterReport.com has an extended past of permitting unverified, nameless posts and encourages people to submit damaging, false, and sometimes downright defamatory remarks about significant others who’ve cheated or been untrue within the relationship.

For years, the CheaterReport.com website has been notoriously tough to cope with, particularly for people which have been defamed on the website and are requesting that the defamatory content material is taken down.

If you are a victim of online defamation, particularly cheater websites, it’s essential you meticulously document every little thing. Taking screenshots of the defamatory and false content material will assist strengthen your claim. Moreover, it’s essential to have the data screenshotted and preserved by a third-party, as to rule out any assumption of tampering.

Discovering unfavorable things published about yourself or a beloved one (in any context) is extraordinarily upsetting, and might be tough to simply accept, particularly when somebody has posted about personal details – resembling sexual habits, previous indiscretions, and different invasive data.

Popping up in dire numbers over the years are cheater reporting websites, the place where malicious online trolls and posters gossip and report on an individual’s infidelity, dishonesty, or different unsavory habits.

Though cheater websites have been created with noble causes in thought, resembling transparency and warning others of horrible experiences and relationships, their precise actuality is so far off from their supposed function.

Essentially the major problem is, that a lot of the data posted is fake, and a direct attack on harmless individuals’ characters, in the end jeopardizing their private and professional reputations.

How To Deal With Ranked Posts On Cheater Report Websites

In an ideal world, we’d be capable to take away all of the unfair, bygone, and negative search results about ourselves. In actuality, most content material is right here to remain besides in special cases.

Remove what you’ll be able to, however creating your personal positive content material to suppress the negatives is a good way to manage your image and enhance your search results. Listed below are a few of the steps you’ll be able to take to push down the damaging content about yourself.

Create Social Profiles for Your Name

Certain websites persistently seem high within the search results. By merely making a profile on them along with your name and a little bit of identifying data, you’ll be able to suppress damaging results. Just be sure you set your privacy settings to be publicly considered, and only submit content material that you’re completely positive you won’t rue later.

Comment on High Ranking Websites with Your Name

You too can use your actual name to register on news websites and comment on articles, though these kinds of posts don’t tend to rank as highly as those on the websites that attack you. In case you’re ready for just a little self-censorship, posting under your actual name generally is a good technique for promoting yourself.

Understanding that something you say online might present up when somebody Googles you, use your postings to your benefit: submit clever, grammatically correct, spell-checked, well-reasoned content material. Express yourself within the subject through which you want to become established.

Perform Incognito Searches for Your Name

When you will be searching for your name to double-check what kind of results will appear on the first page, it is the best practice to do it in incognito mode. In case you end up getting some damaging results, our advice will be not to click on them and add more juice to this particular result.

Use this process just to check what kind of results you will be getting for that particular keyword, to know exactly where to address your problem and which keyword you need to outrank.

Link Amongst Your Various Profiles

One of many ways in which Google determines a website’s rank in search results is by analyzing what number of times different websites link to it. You will get your content material to rise by linking it to itself.

For instance, create a Twitter account, join that to your Formspring account, connect each of these to your Facebook profile, and link to all of them on your Instagram page as well. In fact, the more you utilize your accounts and work together with different people, the more seemingly they’re to link to your content material, which drives your results even higher in the search results.

Take Back Damaging Keywords

If a search for your name is mostly constructive, however including a specific keyword brings up damaging or undesirable outcomes, attempt to reclaim that term. Let’s say that a seek for “Peter Peters” is constructive, however “Peter Peters”+ “Divorce Case” brings up damaging results.

Peter Peters should begin including the phrase “Divorce Case” in his constructive content material created with a view to associate it with his good reputation. This is one other way to create positive content that beats the bad content that is already ranked about you.

Brief Data on CheaterReport.com

From what we were able to discover online and dig more data on Cheater Report, we were able to find some details that are good to know before you move on and use their website for whatever reasons you have.

Cheaterreport.com was created exactly 9 years ago and to be precise, in June 2013. Even though their website uses HTTPS security/connection protocol, this site is listed as dangerous and it serves adult content, which oftentimes has some shady ads and redirects out of the website. Aside from that, no malware or phishing indicators were located on the website, meaning that they will not misuse your visits to their website.

Cheaterreport-com at this time has around 800 daily visitors and the main keywords they are focused on ranking are:

  • report cheater, cheating husband, cheating wife, unfaithful boyfriend, married but cheating, cheater girlfriend, cheater husband, and similar keyword variations from those mentioned.

We are providing you with these main keywords in case you have any need to outrank them and try to push down any negative ranked content that might affect your reputation.

The website’s main host is located in the United States since the IP data is not covered, but the whois information is hidden and secured, so no researcher can find out who the real owner of the website is.

Another point to mention is that this site ranks around 4 million global ranks according to the Alexa rank checker. Their streams of income are based mostly on ads that are served on the website, but we think that they will accept any monetary compensation in case you request the removal of any material posted on the website. If you want to purchase this website and continue to work with it, various websites calculate its worth of it around $4000. Pretty cheap to save many people from defamation, right?

Truly, these websites are primarily created to expose people but also to try and drain as much money as possible from the damaged sides. Since this might damage any future relationships, business relations, and more – it is better to take action immediately and remove any potentially harmful content.

5 Websites Similar to Cheater Report


This website was formerly known as exposingjohns and predatorsalerts. This website is also working with sharing details of cheaters, such as photos and videos, but the word “Predator” always reminds us of any criminal and sexual misconduct.


This website is created back in 1998 and mostly serves as a website that hosts negative reviews about people, businesses, and services. This is one other website that besides bad reviews, people are using to post cheaters and expose them.


This is one other shaming website that focuses mostly on exposing women that destroyed relationships and marriages. The site got famous around 2012 and now has around 7000 monthly users.


One of the most famous websites with around 50.000 Facebook fans, over 10.000 Instagram followers, and 150.000 monthly visitors. TheDirty is operated by the same owner from Shesahomewrecker.com and similar to the other, this website shames cheaters and most of the other websites are getting their data from this one and resharing them on their own platforms.


This is a regular complaints website where the users can post unsatisfying experiences they had with various businesses and brands, but it’s also used to shame ex-partners since they are classifying them as scams.

To summarize, this website has a high volume of anonymous posters, and initiating the cheater report removal process might be tiresome. The best possible option is to go ahead and report the website if it is breaking any law, as we mentioned in the example for copyright.

Another unfortunate point is that the website is not working and serving as it was intended to. This should have been a place to report a cheating partner and other persons, but ended up being a platform that is only focused on monetizing the accused sides.

Communications decency is at the lowest point since the sides involved are hard negotiators and the reports that were posted on the server of the website might stay there forever. Be aware that anyone with a computer can have access to any evidence posted there, no matter if it is an image, video, or simple text.

So if you date and play with the feelings of your partner and decide to cheat, always be aware that you might end up on websites like Cheater Report and many others that are in the same business of reporting cheaters.

To learn more about online privacy and how to protect your personal information from leaks on the web, contact EraseComplaints today at 888-600-7409 .