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How to Remove Online Defamation That’s Hurting Business

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Learn how to remove online defamation once and for all to protect your business reputation on the web. 

The internet and social media have upped the game when it comes to being a breeding ground for fake news, misleading information and false and defamatory content that could damage a business’s offline and online reputation. A former employee, for example, may feel his or her firing was wrongful and post defamatory content that shows up in search results when individuals look for information about your company. A customer may be unhappy with your product and disparage it, or allege you are responsible for an accident or an incident that occurred and post negative content online.

With so much content available on the internet — from social media platforms to content-aggregation sites and online commentary — it’s difficult for consumers to separate fact from fiction and determine what are false statements. In fact, there are websites built to encourage and incentivize the dissemination of sensational information, with no fact-checking or regulation involved.

To keep a positive online reputation, businesses should have an online reputation management plan in place that can remove defamatory content from the internet, and help to continue to maintain a credible and trusted brand.

How Search Engines Work

Let’s take a quick look at how a search engine works when an individual is looking to find out more about a business before purchasing a product or service, going to a restaurant or hotel, investing money, seeking law advice, choosing a physician, etc.

A search engine like Google operates by crawling billions of pages with web crawlers that they have developed. These are also known as search engine spiders or bots. A search engine spider then navigates the web by following links on newly discovered web pages to locate new pages, and so on.

A search engine uses proprietary algorithms for content to appear at the top of the search results page. Some prioritize content quality, while others prioritize user experience and link building.

If, for example, someone writes a bad review on an authoritative site about a company or tweets a post about a CEO’s actions or inactions, it could well appear in the search results. Even worse, if there are posts accusing individuals of being drug abusers or crooks, these allegations could end up appearing prominently in their individual results and company results.

Paying attention to search engine results, therefore, is critical in ensuring a positive reputation and removing defamatory content.

What Is Online Defamation/Social Media Defamation

Online defamation is typically defined as a false, published statement injurious to the plaintiff’s reputation. Social media defamation is a false statement of fact about a third party published on a social media website, platform, or app like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Some of the most common ways that someone can be defamed on social media include:

  • Defamatory statements made on a person’s Facebook profile
  • Negative content or a fake photo posted in a Facebook group
  • A negative tweet posted on a person’s Twitter profile or company’s Twitter page
  • Fake Facebook business page reviews
  • Negative comments on a blog post, video, or tweet, etc.
  • Fake Instagram photo and/or caption
  • A fake video uploaded to YouTube or TikTok

Impact on Business of Defamatory Content Online

You may think who pays attention to what is being said online or it’s a matter of free speech and there isn’t much you can do about defamatory content lodged against you and/or your company. But the impact of negative content about you or your business is far-reaching:

  • Your personal and business reputation will suffer. Your coworkers, friends, and family members may read or hear about the negative content, and if they believe what is being said, your reputation and relationships could be irreparably damaged. Internet defamation and negative content will also impact prospective business relations. Anyone with whom you’re interested in doing business with will perform due diligence to find out more about your business as well as about you. If negative, defamatory content is out there, you could well lose new and existing business opportunities.
  • Loss of revenue and profits. Potential customers may believe malicious lies and avoid doing business with you if defamatory statements about your company exist online. This includes false or disputed accusations of wrongdoing, false online reviews, or the airing of personal laundry online (like a divorce or custody case).
  • Mental health issues. The negative consequences for your reputation, relationships, and professional life may also have an impact on your well-being. Dealing with unseemly accusations or negativity in general takes a toll on individuals. Many victims of defamation suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression.

What Can You Do About Defamatory Content?

Hire Internet Attorneys

You could threaten to file a lawsuit and have an attorney send a well-written letter asking for the offending content to be removed by the party. If you get no response, you may then consider taking legal action and hire an experienced attorney in internet defamation to file a defamation lawsuit. Internet defamation lawyers may file civil liability lawsuits against the individual who defamed you. This, however, will be quite expensive as you will incur significant legal fees. In the end, you may not be successful in winning the suit or getting a court order for content removal.

Individuals who have been victimized by online defamation have also opted to sue their Internet Service Provider (ISP) or the website that hosts the defamatory content in question, such as Facebook, or Google. These sites owned by large corporations have deep pockets, which is why individuals go after them in the first place. But a defamation attorney and his/her legal team will be costly for you to see your legal claims through to fruition. It’s prudent to first ask for a free consultation on your potential defamation case to see if it would be worth taking legal action and inquire about the legal costs involved.

It’s important to note that while the First Amendment protects freedom of speech, it still allows individuals who publish false statements to be sued for defamation. However, you will not succeed in an online defamation claim if the defendant’s defamatory content is true. It has to be a knowingly false statement that was made for defamation claims to have any traction.

Also, social media and review sites are not legally obligated to remove defamatory content. Under internet marketing law, the sites are protected from defamation lawsuits as per Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

You can also contact the owner of the website where the negative content resides or the content provider or domain provider to ask if they will remove the information from the source.

Flag Harmful Content

In some cases, you can report or flag negative material and request defamatory content be removed as long as the content violates the social media site’s terms of service or standards. This includes no nudity, violent content, racist remarks, and bullying statements. You will have to explain why it’s considered internet defamation. Unfortunately, social media sites often don’t want to take a stance on what is being posted nor do they want to judge what is defamatory content or not. They will leave it up to the legal system to issue a court order to remove the content. In the meantime, the content continues to come up in internet search results while you wait for a decision to be made.

If you can prove a copyright violation, trademark infringement, or content consisting of infringing material, Google will remove content from its search results (per the DMCA takedown notice). Google, however, frequently places a message at the bottom of the search result page informing the online world what was done.

Remove Online Content from the Internet

You can hire a professional online reputation management (ORM) company for content removal of defamatory material and put into place a content strategy designed to garner positive results for yourself and your business. First and foremost, an ORM will conduct a thorough online search of your business and senior management. Google’s search results, as well as the results of other search engines, will provide a clear picture of the firm’s online reputation as well as vet any negative content.

The ORM will continually monitor your digital presence across numerous websites and in online searches to identify potential threats and alert you to any negative content or libelous statement. There are several ways to remove online defamation from the internet including adopting a strategy that identifies and promotes positive content to overtake the negative material that comes up in search engine results. Here are a couple of tactics:

  • Analyze existing content, including its search engine optimization (SEO), on social media, blogs, articles, and Wikipedia. Understand what people are searching for and what the search engines deem worthy of high-page ranking in, for example, Google search results. What makes specific content rank better than other materials?
  • Create high-quality and relevant content for the business that will begin to replace the negative content (business complaints, intentionally false statements, etc.) online. For example, perhaps you are very involved in a specific charity but there isn’t much about this. Content (press releases, blogs on your website, posts on company social media pages) around your philanthropic work will be developed. Articles related to your expertise will also be written and published in online well-established magazines. Bios will be updated and optimized and posted online. The goal is to get Google and the others to consider more factors when determining what goes on page one of search results.

It’s also important to promote new content to help with getting positive info online. Realize this takes time and expertise, but an experienced ORM will guide you through the strategies it will employ.

One thing you can do on your own is to consider adjusting your social media privacy settings on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The more data that is private, the harder it is to access confidential information by bad actors who want to cause you harm. Also, be thoughtful about what you share on your social media networks. Think before you make a comment, even if what you have to say is true and you’re trying to set the record straight. There are so many internet trolls today just ready to pounce and cause havoc.

To learn more about online privacy and how to remove online defamation on the web, contact EraseComplaints today at 888-600-7409.

What’s the Deal with

a group of people walking down a street. and other cheater websites expose unfaithful partners. Unfortunately, the lack of fact-checking on these sites can inadvertently harm innocent people. Learn how to protect your digital privacy and your online reputation with our guide to these cheater sites. Essential Information

Heartbroken individuals will sometimes go that extra mile and harm their cheating partner, and the best option now in these modern times is to expose them online. Firstly we witnessed lots of social media posts, tweets, and stories where we saw a bunch of revenge texts, then it was the Vine social network where the cheated side posted videos of their revenge acts.

But then something even more shocking came. Dedicated websites where cheaters were shown with images, videos, and even when caught in the act of cheating are shared there. Also, you will be able to find whole stories of particular individual cases and how everything developed in their relationship.

And that leads to the other side of the coin – the cheater side. Even though they did something that is not okay, a big percentage of the time these individuals do not want their data and story shared online. Besides ruining their prestige, they can be a laughing stock in their surroundings which can lead to new unwanted actions from their end.

So once they find themselves on such content websites that share their personal stories, all of them would want their data removed from there for the sole reason of clearing out their name. Let’s see more deeply what kind of cheater revealing websites are and in particular

What Are Cheaters Exposing Websites For?

The idea of publicly shaming people and companies just isn’t a brand new one by any means. Previous to the meteoric rise of user-generated content material platforms within the early 2000s, widespread ridicule and shaming have been extremely contained, vetted, and managed by centralized editorial boards and publications.

Think about receiving a telephone call out of the blue from your employer or family letting you know that they’ve stumbled upon a nasty, lewd, or defamatory submission alleging intimate details about your love life.

Or think about experiencing a big drop in business over the past months as a consequence of a handful of fake buyer comments on a web-based review website, accusing you of professional misconduct or sexual harassment.

As online defamation of character can have devastating effects on your status, company, and livelihood, being defamed on any website or platform is a trigger for concern.

Online shaming websites are common mediums for people or companies in search of to craft a one-sided narrative about an individual, product, or service.

From disgruntled clients seeking to drag a local business’s identity through the mud to aggrieved ex-spouses and lovers eager to air their former companion’s dirty laundry, all the way to business rivals in search of to make a dent in a competitor’s star ranking, public shaming websites are all over the place.

No matter whether you assume online shaming websites are a needed safeguard to warn others of unscrupulous and substandard conduct or a downright cesspool for libelous and hostile web aggression, they’re right here to linger.

What you are able to do to better fend for your or your corporation’s online status is acquaint yourself with the worst and most popular online shaming websites on the internet, with the intention to take immediate action and forestall substantial harm if you find yourself listed on one. is one very famous website for such uses and it has a lot of visitors and posts daily. You truly do not wish to have your content found on this website because is it frequently visited and your story can get out really quick.

The content that is shared on the Cheater Report website varies from photos and videos to hurtful descriptions without any care for the damages that can be done to the person shamed. This can be really damaging and ruin your reputation, which can lead to losing friends, business, and many other valuable assets.

Since all the data that is shared there and content is really in-depth for the defamed person (including full name, address, phone numbers, and emails) these details and searches tend to rank high on Google and other search engines, making it really easy to pop up when your name is searched for a business matter.

Also, Cheater Report is highly optimized and the content that is posted there has a really high chance to rank for the maximum effort for the shamers to expose cheaters to the full extent. But can these details be removed from such websites and CheaterReport in particular? There are several options that you can try and we are going to explain them deeply below!

How can I remove my information from

There are several approaches that you can go for in order to try and remove your data from CheaterReport.

  • Contact the person who posted the expose
  • Contact the webmaster and ask for their assistance
  • Use services that can help you with removing the data

The best option to take down defamatory content towards you from Cheater Report is to contact the one that posted it. It’s doable for the cheater report website customers who posted the piece of data to review, edit and remove the posts.

However, in many instances, the site proprietor doesn’t enable its customers to edit, review and delete the content because they might not identify the true consumer who submitted the publish on the cheater report.

Be it your videos, footage, PDFs, authorized paperwork, unfavorable reviews, slanders, misrepresentation, and faux information that had been posted on these websites, the creator might not be able to edit or delete that content.

This can be achieved if the person who posted the content agrees to remove it and you both contact the webmaster of Cheater Report and request editing or removal of that content. This might be hard to achieve, but if you do it, will be the easiest and simplest way to clear your name from this website. But there is always a catch!

At this stage, you might be extorted and ask for money or any emotional compensation for the whole debacle the cheated person went through. Here is how you can defend yourself in this case.

In the event you can identify them, you may sue them for posting defamatory content material. Often, this process requires some rigorous authorized procedure. Although straining, when you can successfully determine them, you’ll have the ability to sue them on the grounds of defamation.

The second point is to contact the webmaster of and proceed with them. That sounds fairly blunt. It’s not as simple as it seems and it’s more than meets the attention. The site has little to no control over content that clients publish on it in the first place. Doing otherwise would indicate an infringement of Section 230 of the CDA.

This means that any step that one needs to take needs to be effectively guided and observe the law’s provisions inside which the site falls. To contact Cheater Report to take down defamatory content, there must be a posting that violates the immunity of the site.

If the post has some type of unhealthy content material for public viewing, there could be grounds for contacting the webmaster for a takedown. Such contents embody nudes, pictures of kids, and comparable materials.

If somebody posts such materials, the affected individuals can approach the website to take it down. In a case like this, the admin is obligated to take down the inappropriate materials. This process is kind of easy and requires little authorized effort. If the website admins don’t take it down when requested to take action, you may get a court order to implement compliance.

One other point that you can use to ask the website for the successful removal of the content is copyrighted material. If a material legally belongs to you or your group is on the website without prior consent, you may order a takedown.

The CDA doesn’t solely cover such content material. If there happens to be any on the website, you may take them to a courtroom. Cheater Report is under an obligation to stick to such directives supplied they meet the necessities set by regulation.

The Cheater Report web additionally adheres to provisions of the DMCA. If the contents violate the DMCA code, you may apply for a takedown statement. In this case, you will be capable of presenting legitimate proof that the content material is not acceptable.

The above data shows you can ask webmasters to take down materials that contravene authorized provisions, although with little effort. At all times keep in mind that you’d need the help of an experienced legal professional to be successful if you decide to go with this approach.

The third and final approach to take down this data is to use services that can help you out with removing your personal details from Cheater Report. There are a plethora of websites with such offerings to help you out with getting the details out from this website.

This process most of the time guarantees success and this is the trademark for those reputation management services. This will be the least hard process for you since you only need to pay for their service, but the downside is the same – you need to pay them to do it instead of you.

We list this one as the final option, in case the primary two options are not the way you wanna go or didn’t give any particular results. Now, if you truly care for your status, no matter if it is online or in real life, this should not be an obstacle for you. For a certain amount of money, you can take care of this problem and clear your name – meaning you are on your way to rebuilding your reputation in no time!

How To Protect Yourself In Posted On has an extended past of permitting unverified, nameless posts and encourages people to submit damaging, false, and sometimes downright defamatory remarks about significant others who’ve cheated or been untrue within the relationship.

For years, the website has been notoriously tough to cope with, particularly for people which have been defamed on the website and are requesting that the defamatory content material is taken down.

If you are a victim of online defamation, particularly cheater websites, it’s essential you meticulously document every little thing. Taking screenshots of the defamatory and false content material will assist strengthen your claim. Moreover, it’s essential to have the data screenshotted and preserved by a third-party, as to rule out any assumption of tampering.

Discovering unfavorable things published about yourself or a beloved one (in any context) is extraordinarily upsetting, and might be tough to simply accept, particularly when somebody has posted about personal details – resembling sexual habits, previous indiscretions, and different invasive data.

Popping up in dire numbers over the years are cheater reporting websites, the place where malicious online trolls and posters gossip and report on an individual’s infidelity, dishonesty, or different unsavory habits.

Though cheater websites have been created with noble causes in thought, resembling transparency and warning others of horrible experiences and relationships, their precise actuality is so far off from their supposed function.

Essentially the major problem is, that a lot of the data posted is fake, and a direct attack on harmless individuals’ characters, in the end jeopardizing their private and professional reputations.

How To Deal With Ranked Posts On Cheater Report Websites

In an ideal world, we’d be capable to take away all of the unfair, bygone, and negative search results about ourselves. In actuality, most content material is right here to remain besides in special cases.

Remove what you’ll be able to, however creating your personal positive content material to suppress the negatives is a good way to manage your image and enhance your search results. Listed below are a few of the steps you’ll be able to take to push down the damaging content about yourself.

Create Social Profiles for Your Name

Certain websites persistently seem high within the search results. By merely making a profile on them along with your name and a little bit of identifying data, you’ll be able to suppress damaging results. Just be sure you set your privacy settings to be publicly considered, and only submit content material that you’re completely positive you won’t rue later.

Comment on High Ranking Websites with Your Name

You too can use your actual name to register on news websites and comment on articles, though these kinds of posts don’t tend to rank as highly as those on the websites that attack you. In case you’re ready for just a little self-censorship, posting under your actual name generally is a good technique for promoting yourself.

Understanding that something you say online might present up when somebody Googles you, use your postings to your benefit: submit clever, grammatically correct, spell-checked, well-reasoned content material. Express yourself within the subject through which you want to become established.

Perform Incognito Searches for Your Name

When you will be searching for your name to double-check what kind of results will appear on the first page, it is the best practice to do it in incognito mode. In case you end up getting some damaging results, our advice will be not to click on them and add more juice to this particular result.

Use this process just to check what kind of results you will be getting for that particular keyword, to know exactly where to address your problem and which keyword you need to outrank.

Link Amongst Your Various Profiles

One of many ways in which Google determines a website’s rank in search results is by analyzing what number of times different websites link to it. You will get your content material to rise by linking it to itself.

For instance, create a Twitter account, join that to your Formspring account, connect each of these to your Facebook profile, and link to all of them on your Instagram page as well. In fact, the more you utilize your accounts and work together with different people, the more seemingly they’re to link to your content material, which drives your results even higher in the search results.

Take Back Damaging Keywords

If a search for your name is mostly constructive, however including a specific keyword brings up damaging or undesirable outcomes, attempt to reclaim that term. Let’s say that a seek for “Peter Peters” is constructive, however “Peter Peters”+ “Divorce Case” brings up damaging results.

Peter Peters should begin including the phrase “Divorce Case” in his constructive content material created with a view to associate it with his good reputation. This is one other way to create positive content that beats the bad content that is already ranked about you.

Brief Data on

From what we were able to discover online and dig more data on Cheater Report, we were able to find some details that are good to know before you move on and use their website for whatever reasons you have. was created exactly 9 years ago and to be precise, in June 2013. Even though their website uses HTTPS security/connection protocol, this site is listed as dangerous and it serves adult content, which oftentimes has some shady ads and redirects out of the website. Aside from that, no malware or phishing indicators were located on the website, meaning that they will not misuse your visits to their website.

Cheaterreport-com at this time has around 800 daily visitors and the main keywords they are focused on ranking are:

  • report cheater, cheating husband, cheating wife, unfaithful boyfriend, married but cheating, cheater girlfriend, cheater husband, and similar keyword variations from those mentioned.

We are providing you with these main keywords in case you have any need to outrank them and try to push down any negative ranked content that might affect your reputation.

The website’s main host is located in the United States since the IP data is not covered, but the whois information is hidden and secured, so no researcher can find out who the real owner of the website is.

Another point to mention is that this site ranks around 4 million global ranks according to the Alexa rank checker. Their streams of income are based mostly on ads that are served on the website, but we think that they will accept any monetary compensation in case you request the removal of any material posted on the website. If you want to purchase this website and continue to work with it, various websites calculate its worth of it around $4000. Pretty cheap to save many people from defamation, right?

Truly, these websites are primarily created to expose people but also to try and drain as much money as possible from the damaged sides. Since this might damage any future relationships, business relations, and more – it is better to take action immediately and remove any potentially harmful content.

5 Websites Similar to Cheater Report

This website was formerly known as exposingjohns and predatorsalerts. This website is also working with sharing details of cheaters, such as photos and videos, but the word “Predator” always reminds us of any criminal and sexual misconduct.

This website is created back in 1998 and mostly serves as a website that hosts negative reviews about people, businesses, and services. This is one other website that besides bad reviews, people are using to post cheaters and expose them.

This is one other shaming website that focuses mostly on exposing women that destroyed relationships and marriages. The site got famous around 2012 and now has around 7000 monthly users.

One of the most famous websites with around 50.000 Facebook fans, over 10.000 Instagram followers, and 150.000 monthly visitors. TheDirty is operated by the same owner from and similar to the other, this website shames cheaters and most of the other websites are getting their data from this one and resharing them on their own platforms.

This is a regular complaints website where the users can post unsatisfying experiences they had with various businesses and brands, but it’s also used to shame ex-partners since they are classifying them as scams.

To summarize, this website has a high volume of anonymous posters, and initiating the cheater report removal process might be tiresome. The best possible option is to go ahead and report the website if it is breaking any law, as we mentioned in the example for copyright.

Another unfortunate point is that the website is not working and serving as it was intended to. This should have been a place to report a cheating partner and other persons, but ended up being a platform that is only focused on monetizing the accused sides.

Communications decency is at the lowest point since the sides involved are hard negotiators and the reports that were posted on the server of the website might stay there forever. Be aware that anyone with a computer can have access to any evidence posted there, no matter if it is an image, video, or simple text.

So if you date and play with the feelings of your partner and decide to cheat, always be aware that you might end up on websites like Cheater Report and many others that are in the same business of reporting cheaters.

To learn more about online privacy and how to protect your personal information from leaks on the web, contact EraseComplaints today at 888-600-7409 .


Everything You Need to Know About BadGirlReports


Is BadGirlReports a legitimate website? How can you protect your online privacy when your personal information is leaked to sites like these? Learn how with our guide. 

It could possibly cost individuals thousands of dollars to take away unverified and slanderous content material about them that has been posted on complaint websites, which exist in a shadowy network with the same individuals promoting companies to remove the content material, based on a report by The New York Times.

While these websites publish unverified rumors and carry domains most people have never heard of, like “,” and “,” outcomes for these websites can appear on the top page of Google search results alongside Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, based on the Times investigation.

The reporters downloaded every published post from the “most active” of those websites, which resulted in about 150,000 posts about 47,000 individuals. When the names of those people have been searched on Google and Bing, posts from these uncredible websites appeared on the first page of the results for one-third of the individuals.

Lots of the posts appeared alongside ads for companies in the reputation management industry that claim to clean away the content material for a price. The Times investigation discovered that many of those ads have been intentionally coded into the website, and the people behind these reputation management companies have been often closely linked to the individuals behind the unverified complaint websites.

To remove the false posts the reporter made about himself on these websites would cost about $20,000 primarily based on estimations from the removal companies, in accordance with the report. Clients who had used one removal company, RepZe, informed The New York Times that the company threatened to re-post the content material if it didn’t receive instant payment for its services.

These removal services companies can charge around $750 to take away every published post from these complaint websites. That may add up to thousands in charges because of the way in which the content material is copied and reposted across various websites.

The company RepZe claims on its website to have an address in Denver however wasn’t registered for business in Colorado, in accordance with the report. Staff listed online didn’t appear to really exist, people featured labeled as staff in ads on YouTube have been actors, and the signature of the company’s chief executive “M. Moore” shown on the website was actually the signature of Marilyn Monroe, registrant postal code and registrant phone are fake also.

What NOT To Do With Cheater Websites

Listed below are a couple of tips for what not to do in dealing with cheaters’ websites.

  1. Don’t Google it. In case you Google your name and the name of the website, many times, you run the chance of having it appear as a suggestion in Google Autocomplete search engines result. For example, in case your name is John Smith, don’t Google “John Smith Chesterville” in any other case Chesterland can turn into a permanent suggestion after your name. We have a client like that, we’ve pushed out the damaging suggestion in 2016 and he continues to invest with us to ensure it doesn’t come back.
  2. Don’t Click on it. In case you’re Googling yourself and also you see a negative cheater link (or any damaging link), don’t click on it! This may also help the link grow to be stronger and move it up in search results. That’s because the click-through rate is a crucial signal in Google’s ranking algorithm. The more a link will get clicked for a certain keyword search, the more related it appears to the algorithm, and thus, it moves up in search results. In case you must search and click on it, ensure to do it in Google incognito mode as searches done there are private and aren’t figured into the algorithm.
  3. Act Quick. Lots of the liars/cheaters’ websites copy and aggregate to one another, so in case you’re on one, you would possibly wind up on several of them before you realize it. It’s best to act quickly when you see yourself on one of these websites before it spreads to other websites.

Facts About Bad Girl Reports

This website publishes posts from at least two other websites – and – without their permission or knowledge.

Because similar sites are likely owned by the same group of people, and probably are on the same server, it’s very likely that they’re intentionally trying to cause pain for their visitors.

Bad Girl Reports publishes anonymous complaints about all kinds of products, ranging from cosmetics to electronics. This fact makes it seem like the site will publish any unverified claims, without regard for their validity. Has an Average to Good Trust Score. Why?

We believe that is a legitimate and safe website, as opposed to being a scam. The website has a positive rating on the internet, which is based on an automated analysis of over 40 different data sources that are checked online. These data sources include the technology used, the location of the company, other sites found hosted on the same web server, etcetera.

Websites that have scores of 80% or higher are generally safe to use. A score of 100% means the website is very safe. However, we strongly recommend doing your own vetting of each new website where you plan to shop or leave your contact details. There have been cases where criminals have bought highly reliable websites in order to commit identity theft and other crimes.

The way to Recognize a Scam

Because the influence of the internet rises, so does the prevalence of online scams. There are fraudsters making every kind of claim to trap victims online – from fake investment opportunities to online shops – and the internet allows them to function from any part of the world with anonymity. The ability to identify online scams is a crucial skill to have because the virtual world is more and more turning into a part of every aspect of our lives. The below suggestions will assist you to identify the indicators which might point out that the website might be a scam website.

Common Sense: Too Good To Be True

When searching for goods online, an awesome deal could be very attractive. A Gucci bag or a brand new iPhone for half the price? Who wouldn’t wish to grab such a deal? Scammers know this too and try to benefit from the fact.

If an online deal seems too good to be true, think twice and double-check things. The simplest way to do that is to easily check out the same product at competing websites (that you simply trust). If the difference in prices is big, it is likely to be better to double-check the rest of the website.

Check Out the Social Media Links

Social media is a core part of eCommerce companies nowadays and customers usually expect online shops to have a social media presence. Scammers know this and often insert logos of social media websites on their websites. Scratching beneath the surface often reveals this functionality isn’t even working.

The social buttons would possibly result in the homepage of the website, an empty profile, or nowhere at all. Scammers are sometimes too lazy to actually implement a dedicated Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for their fake website (or don’t need a place for bad publicity to spread). If there are functioning social media accounts, take a fast look to see if there are any posts. Oftentimes, if the website is a scam, offended customers will let you know!

Check the Domain Names

Certain websites will try to trick you into thinking they’re official websites of known brands, even though they don’t have any relation to the actual company. Be sure that the domain name is as expected, especially if clicking a link. For example, the real registry domain id name of the brand could also be, whereas the fake website domain status would possibly use registrar URL variations like,,,,, and more.

Still undecided? A simple solution is to search for the actual website through your favorite search engine. Fake websites generally rely on you clicking a direct link and generally won’t be high up in the rankings. In case you get an e-mail asking you to click on a link, it’s always safer to manually navigate to the website to ensure that you aren’t on a fake one.

You can check them also in the WHOIS database for information like registrar abuse contact phone, registry tech id, registry admin id, check their IP, and find out if websites are on the same server

Does It Have A Working Trustmark?

Trustmarks are a technique for third-party verification for an online store. They point out security or consumer rights protection, for example. However, scam websites additionally use them without permission. For example, they may have an image of Trustmark on the website without truly being verified, which means they’re misusing the verified logo and misleading you!

One example of a Trustmark is the eCommerce Foundation’s Safe. Shop Trustmark. In case you see the Safe Shop logo on a website you might be worried about, try clicking on it! In case you discover that this functionality just isn’t working, head over to Safe.Shop and check that they’re, in reality, a certified trust seal user.

Check the Small Print (Terms & Policies)

Scammers usually use placeholder or rushed textual content in pages like About Us, Terms & Conditions Shipping Policy, and Returns Policy to offer the air of professionality. In case you discover that these pages don’t exist or are of poor quality (they include typos, for example) think twice about buying on the site! Do you really think a business would put up incomplete or sloppy textual content if it was legit?

Is Communication Secured?

Do you see ‘HTTPS’ in front of the website address and is there a ‘lock’ symbol available? In this case, communication between the website and your browser is encrypted, making the website just a little bit safer to use. It doesn’t guarantee that the website will not be fake as the cost of adding an SSL certificate is minimal (beginning at €4.99 per year).

Are Safe Payment Methods Offered?

There are lots of kinds of payment methods. Generally, credit cards, PayPay, and Alipay offer consumer protection by allowing shoppers to get their money back in case the product isn’t delivered. Check if the website supports and uses these payment methods. By no means transfer money to a bank account in case you have doubts concerning the reliability of a website.

Payment methods like Western Union, Moneygram, Skrill, and Bitcoin are sometimes untraceable and it’s virtually impossible to get a refund that has been transferred using these methods. Because of this, they’re favored by scammers.

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How to Remove Public Records from Google

how to remove public records from google

Learn how to remove public records from Google with our complete guide. 

Looking for information about you on the internet

In case you search for yourself on Google, you may encounter something you don’t want the general public to see. Perhaps it’s something you posted to social media years ago or data about some trouble you got into while you were younger. You may also find personal information like your house address and cellphone number — stuff you don’t want strangers to know.

That’s why protecting tabs on yourself through search engines like Google is essential. If you make a proper search and you know what to look for, you will be able to find a lot of sensitive information about your personal life or an old court record that you would never know exist and are available in public.

After you make your research and you see what Google results are showing about you, you will most probably want to remove or hide all the unflattering and private information. In case you want to spend some time and protect your online privacy, you will be able to take some steps and delete your data from the search engine result pages.

Why do public records of today differ from those of the past?

Public records remained standard and there is nothing new about them, however, the accessibility level and the amount of information online collectors are having are producing some ‘modern problems’.

In the past, a person that wanted to have access to that information had to physically go to a government office in order to make and submit a formal request. More informed people or individuals who had previous experience with such things will know they have to visit multiple offices, and building in order to finally get the requested information.

Years later, in today’s world, there are a lot of broker websites that are making this process a lot easier and removing all legwork that used to make this barrier. With all information available online right now all you have to do is search for your information online and you will be able to see everything without actually leaving your house.

These modern processes made a lot of people feel uncomfortable and insecure about the personal information that is floating on the internet and a lot of them would like to learn how to remove public records from the internet space.

Benefits of Removing Public Court Records Available Online

Expungement, what it is?

The authorized process of sealing your criminal records from public view is called an expungement. This will protect your privacy and suggests that you will be able to take advantage of school, job, and other opportunities that were previously unavailable because of the arrest records and charges that will show up if someone is checking your criminal background.

You can consider an expungement as an investment in your future because this process will delete information from your past that is not accurate anymore and is not representing the person who you are now.

Here are some of the benefits that you will get in case you remove court records from the internet space and try to protect your online reputation:

Better Job Opportunities

In case you are on a job hunt, you most probably realized how hard it can be to search for an ideal job if you have a criminal record that went against state or federal law and it appears on Google search results. For those who manage to get a job, it’s most likely not the kind of work (or pay) you actually need.

Some charges and convictions instantly disqualify you for government jobs that offer nice salaries and advantages. Sure, you’ll be able to seek a job that doesn’t require a background test (which is getting rarer and rarer), however, those jobs might not provide enough income for you to pay the bills.

Instead of working multiple low-paying jobs, it will be a great option to invest in yourself with an expungement. After your court record is sealed, you legally don’t need to disclose the incident on job applications and you will be able to apply for the jobs that you really want and you can do that with confidence.

Education Opportunities

In order to start a new career, many people make the decision to go to college. Your legal records can become a big barrier if your education involves going to graduate school.

Most of the graduate programs and opportunities are very hard and competitive to get into. One important factor that will decide between you and another candidate who, in all other ways, is equal to you is your criminal record.

Because of this reason, removing court records, and federal court proceedings from web search results will be of crucial importance if you want to return to school and start your dream career.

Remove the Stigma

As you progress past your mistake and you no longer identify as the person you once were, the burden of your conviction and online court records can take a toll. Probably the most impactful advantage of expunging your felony record is simply removing the load and stigma of your record.

If you remove public court records you’ll no longer have to stress about individuals discovering your past. You are not going to care what people will think of you in case they discover that you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense. You’ll finally be able to breathe easy realizing that your public record matches the individual you are now.

More Housing options

Right before signing a rental agreement, many landlords in Oklahoma for example make a background check on their potential tenants. All of the court records and other public information are very easy to obtain and regardless of how long ago it happened the landlords are very cautious about renting their property to someone with a criminal past.

With an expungement (court records removed), you will be able to open the door to more and better rental options or property ownership for you personally and your family as well.

Starting a family or expanding it

Your criminal record will become a barrier that you cannot overcome in case you consider foster parenting or adoption in order to grow your family. The Department of Human Services will make a detailed background check on foster parent candidates in most cases. In case you have a criminal record appearing on open public records databases you should know it will be very hard to get approved or better said it will be almost impossible.

Public Assistance – Assistance programs

People who had felony convictions in past can face some “collateral consequences” because of their conviction, which means they may be punished even after completing their sentence. As an example, many states do not grant TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), or SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) which is also known as food stamps for the people charged with drug convictions felony.

You need to know that expungements will make you qualify for essential assistance in case you or your family really need it.

Lowering your Insurance Premiums

Your car insurance premiums will rise in case you have some charges, such as a DUI. An expungement is going to help you and lower those premiums which means that you are going to save a nice amount of money over time.

The process of expungement will also make you eligible for a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), which is not going to be possible with a DUI conviction.

Making a Difference in Your Community

You will need to know that having a clean criminal history will make you eligible for all youth volunteer positions (Little League, Boy Scouts, Pop Warner, and more). Expungements will make you able to improve your community through mentoring, volunteering, or chaperoning school events for your kids or grandkids.

Better Privacy

All of us have a family member, coworker, or a nosy neighbor who enjoys sticking their nose in other businesses. Everyone who is trying to find something about you online will be able to see your criminal record as well.

One way to fight against this and to protect your privacy will be expungement because it will delete all unwanted information related to you on the internet. This process will remove from public access every trace of your criminal history which will make you feel a lot more comfortable.

Removing your public records from Google

Can Public records be removed?

You need to know that you can request to remove some of your personal information from the internet (in most states) such as your Social Security number, or your phone number.

It is important to know that removing some information such as mugshots, marriage licenses, or court records will not be impossible. If you want to try and test your luck you can call your county clerk’s office and ask if some of your information on the internet can be altered or redacted by the county clerk.

If you are looking for a guide to removing other information from the internet on your own without paying reputation management firms we have some steps that you will need to take in order to successfully finish this task.

Removing your location from Google maps

With Google maps and Street View you will be able to ‘walk’ around and visit some interesting places. Some people don’t want photos of their house and address number to be visible on these applications. If you are one of those people who want to protect their privacy you need to know that you can always request a privacy blur over pictures of your vehicle or your home.

You will need to go to Google Maps or Street View gallery and look for your address. Once you find the right address you need to open the Street View photo you want to get blurred. Please keep in mind that the image has to show your home, license plate, face, or any other identifying information in order to qualify.

Go to the bottom right and click ‘Report a problem’, it will show up a form, and once you fill out that form just click ‘Submit’. After the photo is reported and then blurred there is no chance for Google to bring it back to its original form. Because of that reason make sure that you want to remove that picture before submitting your request.

Lock your social media accounts and make them private

Over 90% of information about you online is coming from google’s search results and the social media platforms that you are using. You will need to update your privacy settings and lock your previous and future updates to just family and friends.

On Facebook, you will need to open the settings menu (in the top right corner) and click on Settings and Privacy > Settings. You should click on “Privacy” (in the left menu) and under “Your Activity” you will be able to see “Who can see your future posts?” and there you will need to add “Friends” as your preferred group. In this menu, you will be able to restrict your past posts also.

You will notice at the bottom of the page “Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile?” and here you need to click “Edit” and unmark the checkbox.

For those who are looking to restrict their Instagram account, they will need to open their profile and click the three-line icon which is in the top right corner. A menu will appear and you will need to click “Settings” at the bottom of the menu that will appear and then click “Privacy” and under Account privacy, you will need to select Private Account ON!

Twitter users operating on a computer who want to update their privacy will need to click more in the left-hand menu and choose “Settings and privacy”. After you select “Privacy and safety” you need to go to “Audience and tagging” and there you will need to click on the checkbox which is next to “Protect your Tweets”.

Removing information from third party websites

People who will find personal information about them published on a third-party website will need to contact the webmaster in order for their information to be removed. Try to find the “Contact Us” link or email address added on the website (usually on the bottom of websites) or try to search for the web owner using Whois.

Once you reach the webmaster you will need to explain the situation and politely ask him to remove your personal information from their website. If the information shared is copyrighted, you will be able to reference the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and then request a removal.

If your personal information is shared by someone else like on an internet forum, you will need to contact the forum owners directly, and after you reach them try to explain why you would like the information to be removed from their forum.

There is a possibility for you to file a legal request to Google to remove sensitive information from the internet space. Google will be able to remove it if the information published is including personal or explicit images, financial or medical information, or any other info that is going against Google privacy policy rules.

You will need to know that this process will be time-consuming and there is no guarantee that the process is going to be successful.

Removing your info from people search sites

You need to know that people’s search sites are collecting data on millions of people worldwide and then they are selling that information to the one who will offer the most money. There is an option for you to opt out of these search websites but you will need to take some steps in order to do it properly.

Most common websites that you should consider removing your info from are – Intelius together with their sister websites, Peoplelookup, iSearch, ZabaSearch, and Public Records. Other important websites that you should consider are – Whitepages and BeenVerified.

If you are looking for step-by-step guides in order to remove your info from these people search sites you will need to look for them individually on the internet.

Bonus tip: Delete your Google history

Right now is the best time to check your Google privacy settings if you didn’t do that in a while. Some of the information that is staying there (locations, searches, and voice messages) will probably surprise you. Always remember to keep it clean and it is best to make that your habit.

How can I improve my chances of having my court records sealed?

If you want to increase the chances that the court will grant the expungement or sealing request you will need to ask for limiting the removal request. This means that only necessary information will be removed (certain sections or documents) and everything else that is not giving away your personal information can remain on the internet.

With this action, you will increase your chances that the court will grant a removal of your info from the internet and you don’t have to go through the whole process that will drain your energy and budget.

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How to Remove Negative Content from Google Search

a wooden desk topped with a laptop computer next to a cup of coffee.

It is always a bad situation when a business owner goes online a discovers that his business has a lot of negative content and negative Google search results associated with it on the internet. But how do you remove negative content from Google search?

Every person who has an online business is working hard in order to bring success to his brand and additionally every business owner is paying attention to keeping his customers satisfied with his services and products.

You will need to understand that we are living in the age of information and customers are feeling the need to leave their opinions in form of online reviews, or comments about someone’s business or service. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, there is always someone who will not be satisfied and will leave negative reviews about your services.

Why Do People Leave Bad Reviews Online?

Sometimes these comments or reviews are justified because in some situations omission can happen no matter how hard we try. However, on the other side, we also have people who will leave bad comments or reviews even if they didn’t have any experience with your services and they are doing it just to harm your business.

In some situations, you will see your ex-workers leaving bad comments or reviews about your business as an act of revenge but also you can expect some of your competitors to leave negative comments in order to cripple your business.

You shouldn’t worry much because there are a lot of strategies and techniques that you can use in order to remove those negative comments, reviews, or articles from the internet space. These strategies are primarily used by Online Reputation Management companies who are able to help you in case you want to remove negative content from the internet but you don’t have time or you don’t have enough skill to do it.

What is a negative search result or negative content on the internet?

Any webpage in the search results that gives out negative or false information about an individual or whole business is considered a negative search result. These negative search results tend to damage the online reputation of any individual or business and can finally lead to big losses in revenue and also have the potential to bankrupt a whole company completely.

Taking care of your online reputation means that you need to put the effort into removing or suppressing this negative content. As we already mentioned, if you consider doing it on your own you will be able to find very useful information in this article, however, if you don’t have time or enough skills you can always pay an online reputation management company so they can fix this problem for you.

These ORM companies are not only going to help you remove the negative content from the internet space but they will be able to keep an eye on future updates and any bad content that can appear online in the future.

Why you should remove negative content from the internet?

Removing negative content from the internet is the first and most important step you should take when trying to protect your online footprint. Whatever people see about your company online will have a huge impact on their perception of your business.

This means if they see any negative results linked with your company they are going to form a bad opinion about your business and the chances they are going to use your services or buy your goods can become very low.

When you discover that 65% of people are forming their opinion based on what they are going to find in search results you can understand why people are stressing out so much about bad content floating on the internet about their company or brand.

You need to know that some reliable statistics are showing that Google is controlling 93% of search engine traffic, and 90% of those people are looking only at the first page of search results and they are forming their opinion from the information they are going to get from the first Google search page.

Knowing these percentages people developed methods to deal with the content that cannot be completely removed from the internet. With the reverse SEO method, these results are getting suppressed and pushed off of the first google search page, to the next pages where only a low percentage of people are looking.

First, we are going to see how these negative results can impact your business and why it is important to remove the negative content from the internet as soon as possible, and later we will write about the methods and how can you delete or suppress negative content from the internet.

Reverse SEO to Remove Negative Content From Google Search

One example of the techniques these companies are using is the reverse SEO method. It is similar to classic SEO (search engine optimization) which uses techniques in order to make your brand and business more visible on web search engines similar to Google.

The reverse SEO method does the opposite because it uses techniques to make a particular web page less noticeable and this is one of the main strategies that ORM (online reputation management) companies are using in order to suppress negative search results associated with your brand or services on the internet.

While we talk about suppression and removal you need to know that these two are the main strategies when dealing with negative content on the internet that is related to you. Depending on the situation you will need to decide what kind of approach you will have in order to remove negative content from the internet.

In some situations, it is not possible to remove negative search results and you will need to use the reverse SEO method and suppress those bad results. But in situations when it is possible to remove that negative content, it is always a better option and idea to entirely remove the content from the internet.

In this article, we will talk about bad content on the internet and how it can affect your business but also we will give your more information and different methods on how to remove negative content from the internet. Stay tuned!

Remember that your online reputation is very important!

People that keep a track of their online content are aware of how much online reviews can matter when it comes to building a professional brand image. You need to know that 90% of users are making their own internet research before they decide to use your service or purchase some of your goods.

This means a single bad review has the potential to ruin your online reputation and can make your potential customers go with some of your competitors instead of you.

As we already mentioned 65% of internet users trust the information they find on Google SERPs and if they find bad content related to you they will probably form a bad opinion about your business right from the start.

It doesn’t really matter if those statements, reviews, or comments are true or false, people will believe them because “If it’s on the internet, it must be true!” way of thinking. In other words, if those people are able to find a lot of pages with negative content, you will be in big trouble.

Many business owners think it is unfair that defamatory or fake reviews are capable of doing so much damage and ruining someone’s online reputation. You need to know that many things in life are not fair and all you can do at this point is to man up and deal with your problems. We are going to give you the necessary information and tools for you to overcome this problem easier.

How negative content can damage your business?

Job applicants

Did you ever experience a situation where a job applicant decided not to join your company after everything else was sorted out?

Maybe he got a better offer from other companies because people are usually joining companies who offer them better conditions and better salaries. But also there is a chance they found negative search engine results related to your company on a job recruitment sites.

According to some research, there are popular websites like Glassdoor that people visit in order to get informed about a particular brand or company. On this website, you will be able to find reviews and comments about companies and businesses made by their former, current, and prospective staff. There is information that more than 70% of job seekers are checking out Glassdoor reviews before they make a decision to join a company and start working there.

Reviews and comments that are placed on this website are not always true, and you can find a lot of fake comments or reviews that are written as an act of revenge by former employees. However, they could still affect applicants’ and business partners’ perceptions of your business and can make potential applicants lose their interest in joining your company.

Even if we put the relevance of those reviews on the side, they will still be able to make a poor reflection on your company. Because of this reason, it should be imperative to take some action and try to remove this negative content from the internet space.

This can work either way

From a personal aspect, negative content on the internet is able to ruin your chances of getting hired. Nowadays a big number of recruiters are doing their research before they decide to hire someone to work in their company.

This means if recruiters are able to find negative content about you on the internet the chances you will get a job are very low. If you find any negative content about you on the internet be sure that you deal with it before it ruins your reputation and your chances to find a job.

Negative content ruins online reputation

After you understand the potential that negative content related to you on the internet has, you will know why it is crucial for you to keep a great online reputation.

It doesn’t matter if those comments are going to be based on truth or not, they will affect your audience’s perception and may discourage them from using your services or buying your products.

When we talk about digital marketing it is very important to have the trust of your targeted audience. That means you will need to assure them of the quality of your services and products.

Harming Client Relations

If your company is dealing with negative content on the internet and you keep your clients exposed to that negative content frequently it could damage your existing relations and it can make your business partners lose their trust in your company. This can have even bigger effects on the people that are just starting their business and are in a growing phase.

This means you will need to keep an eye on the content related to you that appears on the internet to be positive so you can expand your clientele and retain existing relations.

Removing negative content from Google search

Most of the people that find bad reviews, defamatory comments, or negative google searches related to them individually or their business would like to remove them from the internet space as soon as possible. For those reviews and comments that can be removed from the internet, you will need to keep an eye out so they don’t appear on the internet searches again.

Removing negative search results and defamatory comments from the internet will additionally break all the links that are associated with your business or brand. This means, there will be no comments left that may cripple your business success.

You will need to know that you can remove negative content from the internet only if it’s going against Google’s privacy policy or against the law. This is mentioned mostly because the negative content usually can be found on different websites on the internet that you don’t own.

Removing bad content from pages and websites that you don’t own can be a tricky job and we will try to help you in that process with some suggestions on how to remove negative content from third-party websites.

Removing negative content from third-party websites

When you go for removing negative content that is added on a third-party website you will need to locate the main source where original harmful content was posted. Once you make the first step and you sort out this issue you will need to use the same process and try to discover any additional sources of negative content that are related to your brand or business.

In order to carefully monitor all the negative content that can appear on the internet, it will be best for you to make use of Google Alerts.

After the monitoring process is done, you will need to take the next step and get in touch with the owners of sites that have negative content posted about your business.

Try to contact webmasters directly

In these situations, you shouldn’t try to contact Google directly because they do not create content and are not responsible for any third-party websites that are posting negative content related to you.

This method is for removing negative content from third-party websites and once you discover the main source of negative and defamatory content you have an option to contact the webmasters directly.

Throughout this process, you will need to remain calm especially while you are talking to the webmasters. We suggest this because webmasters are not obligated to remove the content especially if it’s based on facts, doesn’t contain any fake news, and it’s not going against Google privacy policy rules.

In situations like this you will need to be polite and patiently explain why that negative content should be removed from the internet.

Reporting websites that violate Google Policies

Websites that are breaking the rules and publish content that is considered vindictive, defamatory, or content that reveals sensitive information about any individual can be reported to Google.

Any content that reveals personal and sensitive information about someone can be reported to Google and this content is getting de-indexed and removed from internet searches. In case you discover any content that reveals your personal information (full name, birthday, phone number, home address, email address, or bank account details) feel free to report it to Google so they can remove it.

More info about negative content suppression

Negative content suppression or also known as Reverse SEO is a process where you need to create high-quality content that will rank high and will outrank the negative content and negative search results on the internet.

From this, we can understand that pushing down the negative content (articles, search results, or video edits) off of the first Google search page is the main goal of suppressing the negative content method.

Because only 5% of people who are using the internet searches are checking the second search page this method of suppressing and pushing negative content off of the first search page is considered successful.

Suppress the Negative Content using Reverse SEO

No person can remain indifferent when they discover unwanted content on the internet about them personally or about their business. Recently, we can see a lot of negative articles floating on the internet about different brands.

Because of this reason people are interested to learn the reverse SEO method so they can successfully fight against online defamation and remove negative content from Google search results.

When they see negative content about their business online, many people are getting upset because they believe that is not a real reflection of their brand and the services they offer.

If you are trying to earn legally and you are not a scammer that means negative content about your business online is fake and probably goes against Google Privacy Policy rules. In this situation, negative content on the internet can be reported to Google and they will be able to de-index and remove it from internet searches in the future.

For all other negative results that cannot be totally removed from the internet, there are other options that you can use. You can bury negative search results that cannot be deleted from the internet with the method of reverse SEO. If you are not familiar with this method or you don’t have enough experience you should look for professionals that will be able to sort this for you.

Which steps to use when trying to suppress negative content?

First of all, you will need to build a professional website for your business and the products that you are selling. Once you make a website with high-quality content that is looking great and professional you will need to start promoting your new website together with the quality content that is already created. You will need to know that promoting and advertising your brand online can make some additional costs for you!

Before or after you are done with the promotion and advertisement process you will need to make internal linking to all of your new sites and additionally don’t forget to link your social media accounts with it.

Reverse SEO process and steps

For everyone that wants to try the suppression (Reverse SEO) process on their own, we have some steps that you need to follow in order to do this correctly.

Phrases that trigger negative content

Whenever you make a search about your brand online you would probably want to see the positive content that appears on the first page of Google search results. With this reverse SEO method and approach, you will need to look for negative results that will appear and make a plan on how to suppress them.

Once you complete your search you will need to make a plan and strategy on how to fix this problem in the shortest period possible.

How to boost positive results

After you are finished with the previous process of identifying the negative content that appears on search pages, you should start optimizing your content so it can become better and suppress the negative content that is already ranked.

In this process, you will need to use keyword targeting, link building, and other SEO tactics in order to outrank the bad results that are dominant on the first search page.

Creating new, optimized, and high-quality content

Optimizing and ranking your old content from the website is not going to bring you a lot of benefits, at least not enough to push negative search results on the internet related to your brand.

Because of this, you will need to create new, fresh, and optimized content with high-quality material that will be able to rank high and suppress all the negative content off of the first Google search engine results page.

In this process, it is highly recommended to create new blogs, social media accounts, and websites in order for this method to be successful.

Following your progress closely

Once you are done with everything mentioned in the previous steps you will need to spend some time and follow closely the progress of your work. You will need to keep an eye on your keywords and search terms and see how they act and if they are progressing by the plan.

At the same time, you should keep eye on unwanted search results and check if they start to drop and move down the ladder. The best outcome will be if your new content rank on the first page and all negative content get pushed to the next pages.

This negative search results suppression via Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will not only remove the negative results from the first result pages but will also bring a lot of other benefits. Whenever you create high-quality content with SEO in mind you will also strengthen your online branding and online presence, and you will promote your business in a positive light on search engines.

Last Words

In case you are seeing a lot of negative content on the internet related to your brand, that is the sign for you to look at how to improve your online appearance.

One method is to request the removal of the negative search results related to your brand and another more efficient method is to take control into your hands and produce high-quality content that will be able to suppress all the negative content off of the first Google search page.

If you closely follow our steps you will improve your chances of hiding and neutralizing negative results on the internet and you will regain control over your brand appearance online.

Looking for professional help to remove negative search results? Click here now to contact us!